Thursday, October 8, 2009

Why to build a CMS?

There are several hundreds of free CMS available around, why to build another one? This project is different because we want both build a tool and explain how to build the tool. We believe that Web applications are starting now to replace desktop ones and also to replace classical website made of simple HTML pages built with an HTML editor. Now website trend to be more and more sophisticated and are made of powerful technologies and we have to know how these tools are working.The replacement of desktop applications by web applications does not mean necessarily that we will work only online in the future but that we will use applications that are designed for the web: they can work locally also.Another reason to know how to build a CMS is that current public products are intended only to publishing documents, if you want perform some processing on data before to publish them, you need for your own tool.

Benefits of the final CMS
Once built, this CMS will allow any user to add content to a website without any knowledge of the technologies used to let it work. Any contributors will be able to write articles with a wysiwyg editor (not in infamous bbCode or similar), and the webmaster will be able to manage articles, comments, news, etc... with no more knowledge.

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